Modular innovation

Countless combinations of modules allow the construction of any building.

Construction time reduced by 70% compared to standard construction.

Full control over the investment schedule and budget - no delays or unforeseen costs.

All our homes are built to the highest standards and they are guaranteed for one
hundred years.


A trusted brand

We are an official partner of QModular , well-established brand with the support of the best experts in the field of architecture, engineering and building construction

Frequently asked questions

1Can modular buildings be extended?
The advantage of modular construction is that they can be extended in any direction and modules can also be stacked.
2What Is the guarantee of your modular homes?
The guarantee is 100 years.
3What are the prices for transport and installation?
Transport costs depend on location, so each development is priced individually.
4What does the quoted price per m2 of modular building include?
All installations, i.e. electricity and plumbing, the walls are ready for painting or wallpapering and the floor can be laid with any type of cladding, including bonded LVT.
5What foundations are used for modular buildings?
Before installation, a geological survey of the ground is carried out, and then the engineering and design department prepares the foundation design. Most commonly, these are footings. We also use the system of piles, depending on the surface. We also build on water.
6How many square meters can be ordered?
Green Modules Ireland offers small cottages from 19m2 and up, as well as year-round family homes, terraced houses and multi-family developments.
7Can a customized design be made?
Individual projects are very welcome.
8Are Modular homes all year-round?
The buildings meet all European standards and are energy-efficient and year-round homes.
9Are the modules containers?
Modular construction is a technology that cannot be equated with building containers. It is an alternative way of building year-round small and large-scale structures.
10Can Green modules be classed as a permanent construction?
Green Modules homes can certainly be classed as permanent structures. Although some may initially think of modular construction as being temporary, easily moved or less durable, advances in modular construction technology and techniques, particularly when combined with concrete foundations, can produce buildings that are every bit as permanent as traditionally constructed buildings. When assembled with high-quality steel frames and concrete foundations, modular buildings can provide excellent durability, strength, and resistance to environmental factors, ensuring that they can last for many years and meet the same standards and building codes as traditional buildings. Moreover, when the modules are assembled on a concrete foundation, which is a standard method for permanent structures, the building is provided with an extremely strong base that can resist shifting, settling, and other forms of movement. This means that they can be used for a wide range of applications, from residential homes and schools to commercial buildings and hospitals.